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Immigration Law

As experts in immigration law, we understand the complex challenges that migrants, refugees, and businesses face in the realm of immigration and residence permits. Our experienced team is here to assist you with questions related to immigration, asylum proceedings, visa applications, citizenship applications (naturalization), and many other matters. We provide comprehensive guidance on immigration and emigration issues and represent you both domestically and internationally. We take care of your legal interests, especially in the following areas:

Visa Process 

If you are planning to relocate your residence to Germany, we offer legal services in all related matters. Based on the information provided during the initial contact, we will assess whether an entry visa is required. If so, we will determine whether obtaining a visa is generally possible. If it is, we will schedule an initial consultation for you. During the initial consultation, we will comprehensively review your qualifications and requirements and recommend the most suitable visa procedure for your specific purpose, with a particular focus on your future plans. In the context of visa process, we guide you through the entire visa process until you obtain your entry visa and if applicable, we assist with visa extensions in Germany. In following areas we will help you:

  • Au Pair (Child care) 
  • Blue Card EU
  • Business visa
  • Family reunion - to spouse
  • Family reunion - minor child to parent(s)
  • Family reunion - parent(s) to minor (or unborn) child
  • Family reunion - to beneficiary of subsidiary protection
  • Student visa (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D)
  • Tourist visa
  • Transit visa
  • Visa for Artistic Activities
  • Visa for getting married in Germany
  • Visa for healthcare professional (e.g.: Nurses)
  • Visa for Internship
  • Visa for Investors
  • Visa for IT professionals 
  • Visa for Jobseekers 
  • Visa for language Course
  • Visa for language Teachers
  • Visa for professional Athletes
  • Visa for professional drivers
  • Visa for Researcher
  • Visa for the purpose of searching for a study or training placement
  • Visa for the recognition of foreign qualifications
  • Visa for Vocational Training
  • Visa for voluntary service
  • Visit visa
  • Work Visa for qualified professionals (with higher education - all subjects - or qualified vocational training)
  • Work Visa for Self-employed

Other residence-related services

  • Extension of residence permits
  • Change of residence permits
  • Permanent residence permit
  • Naturalization (Citizenship)
  • Dual or Multiple Citizenship
  • Regaining the Original Foreign Citizenship
  • Family reunification
  • Recognition of foreign qualifications
  • Recognition of Foreign Marriages or Divorces 
  • Asylum Procedures
  • Legal Actions in case of visa rejection (Remonstration Procedures & Lawsuits at administrative court)


Special visa procedures

Third-country nationals (for e.g. Sri Lankans) with settlement permits in other EU member states (e.g., in Italy)

If you possess a settlement permit in another EU member state and wish to immigrate to Germany for reasons such as work or residence, you must be aware that you may lose your settlement in the other member state if you do not return within specific deadlines. Permanent EU residence permit holders typically have longer deadlines. You must meet certain requirements to obtain settlement in Germany. Therefore, comprehensive legal advice is advisable before immigrating to Germany. We are here to guide you through the entire visa process to ensure a smooth acquisition of settlement or German citizenship.

If you are already in Germany and facing difficulties in extending your visa or have received a deportation order, we will assess how you can overcome these obstacles and provide support in resolving your legal issues.


Emigration of Third-country Nationals

If you are a holder of a settlement permit and plan to spend some time abroad outside of the EU, such as in your home country, it's important to note that you generally need to return to Germany within 180 days. Exceeding this timeframe typically results in the loss of your residence permit for Germany, which would lead to the denial of entry into Germany. However, in certain scenarios, you can obtain permission for long-term absence from the competent immigration authorities. We provide advice and support for your plans.

Additionally, there are situations where you may wish to send your non-EU national children who were born in Germany and are of school age back to your home country to attend school there. In such cases, you must meet specific requirements to ensure that your children can return to Germany as adolescents or adults. Please schedule an initial consultation so that we can provide comprehensive advice in these matters.

Apply for another Citizenship while holding German Citizenship

If you, as an original third-country national, apply for another citizenship (e.g., the citizenship of your home country) without obtaining approval from the German state to retain your German citizenship, you will automatically lose your German citizenship upon its issuance by law. This applies even if both citizenships are erroneously indicated in your passport. Your continued residence in Germany does not change this outcome. Please schedule an initial consultation with us so that we can review your situation and assist you in regaining your German citizenship.


Right of Return (Former Germans)

If you live abroad and have lost your German citizenship (e.g., the German foreign mission determines that you lost your German citizenship by acquiring your original citizenship without obtaining approval to retain your German citizenship, even if your passport indicates dual citizenship), but you wish to return to Germany, we will examine whether you have a right of return. Please schedule an initial consultation with us so that we can review your situation and provide legal assistance for your return to Germany.

Business Law

We offer comprehensive legal support for companies of all sizes and industries. Our services include, in particular, contract drafting, company formations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as corporate consulting. If you intend to hire foreign employees, we are happy to handle the visa process for you. Our goal is to protect and promote your business interests. We focus particularly on the following legal areas:

  • Corporate Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Contract Law
  • Estate/ inheritance Law

If you have business or personal dealings involving Sri Lanka and Germany and require legal assistance for your endeavors, we are the right partner for you. We assist you especially in following situations: 

  • You intend to move to Sri Lanka
  • Real estate/property purchase in Sri Lanka
  • Investing in Sri Lanka
  • Adopting from Sri Lanka
  • Certified translations into Sinhalese
  • Getting married in or from Sri Lanka
  • Assistance with aid projects in Sri Lanka
  • You want to immigrate to Germany
  • Investing in Germany
  • Certified translations into German for German authorities (e.g., Embassy)

If you are unsure whether we can assist you with your matter, please contact us via email, phone, or through the contact form. We will clarify whether and to what extent we can help you.

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